Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall is here!

A month has passed since we started seeing clients and the center is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Our team of staff, trainees, interns, social work interns, students and filmers are in the full swing of things and the clinical year is off to a great start.

Our staff members are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in music therapy. This month, our managing director, Dr. Alan Turry, just presented at the Autism and Music Therapy International High-Level Congress in Bastia, France. On a side note, Alan has also been invited to serve on American Music Therapy Association’s advisory team on the value of music therapy for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. This team will be working on public awareness and education about this topic, as well as disseminating information on current researches and treatments for this population.

Dr. Alan Turry presenting in Bastia, France

Dr. Alan Turry and the presenters and coordinators of the Autism and Music Therapy International High-Level Congress in Bastia, France

On another note, Jacqueline Birnbaum has an eBook published via Barcelona Publishers, and it is the latest book in the Nordoff-Robbins Monograph Series. This case study features Melanie, a four year old girl adopted from China who presented significant developmental delays and suffered from night terrors and fears of abandonment. Jacqueline integrates concepts from the realms of play therapy, attachment theory, trauma theory, and intersubjectivity to understand Melanie’s creative journey.

The unique feature about this book is that it includes 29 video excerpts from the clinical process and you get to watch them as you read this fascinating case study. And it only costs $9!!!

Click on the link below to purchase this book!

Healing Childhood Trauma Through Music and Play - Jacqueline C. Birnbaum

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