Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catching Up

It has been several months since I have posted a blog. I have been distracted by a tiny six-pound person who recently entered my life, my first grandchild. I was there to see her come into the world, and every new development--a smile, a coo--reminds me of the beauty of life, and the powerful need we share to connect with others. It is what we do at the Center every day: helping people connect with others, overcoming whatever barriers might stand in the way. Physical disabilities, autism, language delays, and more, challenge us to find new ways to foster meaningful communication and participation in the world. Yet music can do this!

We are currently winding down our clinical year, as sessions end in June. We have already begun intake sessions, seeing potential new clients, and turning our attention to the summer and the coming year. This summer we are offering two courses for professionals to enhance their clinical improvisation skills. Groups from nearby colleges and universities, and groups from as far away as Korea, are coming to the Center to learn more about our work--we continue to be an important source of inspiration for professionals all over the world.

Clive has recently returned from a two-month lecturing tour of Europe and Asia. His energy and devotion to music therapy are truly amazing! We missed him and are happy to have him back home in the Center.

Enjoy the spring weather, and I promise to write again soon!